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Pasadena Advertising Marketing Design (PAMD) specializes in images, words and pictures that project their clients' personalities to the audience, no matter where they are looking. We attract, motivate and create relationships to build brands that last. PAMD has always respected their audiences' intellect, but targeted their emotions. They focus on the element of wonder in a product to open eyes and hearts. Over the years, this connection has profited clients ranging from retail to financial, engineering to entertainment. No matter how diverse target audiences might be, they are all people, and people all respond to a visceral, emotional appeal. PAMD's tradition of innovation allows them to anticipate and help their clients exploit all of the possibilities in the changing advertising landscape. We engage people on screens at home, at work and in the palms of their hands. We embrace every aspect of advertising by creating images flexible enough to reflect and reinforce their clients messages in print, broadcast, packaging and electronically, to engage their audience, whoever they are and wherever they might be.[1]


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